Blog Prompt 4

What is the video I chose for this interactive blog prompt is what is Economy. This video is for students who have never been involved with economics before; Therefore, I will discuss how this video is relevant to learning design … Read More

Blog Prompt 3

How will your interactive learning resource specifically ensure that the needs of all learners can be met? To begin with, Our interactive learning resource are offered fully online, so our students are able to easily access to our learning material, … Read More

Prompt II: Cooperative learning

Cooperative learning is a learning method in which students are divided into small groups and graded as a team by working together on specific tasks. Because everyone in the team has their own responsibilities, and students are graded as a … Read More


Hello everyone. I am Yifang Ren, a second-year BCom student at UVic. Excited to enrolled to this course, and looking forward to collaborate with you.